InSite Development, HCA and the Lofts Gallery in Lancaster presented Clayhouse 2011 Thursday, November 10th amongst the lights and
crowds of the Lancaster farmers market. From participants to family to community partners and curious Boulevard shoppers, nearly one hundred people
filtered through this industrical-chic space to support the hard work of artists from the AV community.

The seed for this tremendous sculpture sequel was planted by the success of pilot sculpture program Talking Heads in 2010. In June of 2011 banners went up to advertise enrollment for Clayhouse, and this time, for interest of all ages. Over the next ten weeks, twenty-three AV residents hunkered down to bring their sketches and photo references to life. Under the direction of instructors Nuri Amanatullah and Linda DeJesus, students steadily progressed from rough armatures to the smooth solid contours of a finished piece.

In addition to this public reception and the promise of a take-home sculpture to adorn their homes at the exhibit’s conclusion, sculptors benefited from a unique financial literacy initiative. Through the generous support of InSite, they received a small incentive wage for every hour spent in the program. A portion of their earnings - $885 in total - was presented to them in gift card form. Of what remained, $369 was reinvested in the program and $220 supported a Cambodian pig farmer and a Filipino fisherwoman they found listed on Kiva.

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